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वासिष्ठेन्द्र प्रमदा भरद्वश्वेती                   
त्रिप्रवरांद्विता: वसिष्ठ-गोत्रोत्पन्न:        
यजुर्वेदस्य तैत्तिरीय-शाखांतर्गत   
हिरण्यकेशी शाखाध्यायीन:


Thanks for showing interest in registration process for Oak Kulvrutant.

You might be aware of books 'Oak Gharanyacha Itihaas' published in 1976 and 'Oak Kulvyaktiparichay published in 1979. Purpose of gathering information about all Oak/Oke/Oka family members is to republish Oak Kulvrutant (ancestry tree).

What information we are looking for?

      1. Your complete name and your grand father's and great grand father's name. Your grand father and great grand father's information will be useful to establish relationship accurately.
      2. Your birthdate (Don't worry we are hiding birth year of living people)
      3. Your blood group - Idea is to gather this valuable information that can be used in future when there is a demand of blood within the family.
      4. Your spouse name (Applicable to married family members only) - The intention here is to gather information about maiden name when it comes to our sister-in-laws and actual name of our sisters after marriage.
      5. Education/Occupation and other information - At this moment, there is no specific intention for gathering this kind of information but we can think of using this information for betterment of our family members in future.

We hereby ensure that all the information provided by you will not be given to any third party for commercial or any other use.

If you have any questions/suggestions regarding collection of this information or website, feel free to contact me. My email id is girishoak@gmail.com